Josh Turner: Deep South – Review | Cross Examinations

Release Date: March 10, 2017
Label: MCA Nashville
Genres: Contemporary Country / Neotraditional Country

Josh Turner had what seemed like a very promising and vibrant career in country music ahead of him. With the release of the ever-popular country track from 2003 entitled “Long Black Train,” Josh Turner’s name and smooth, deep voice catapulted him to fame. The song is still very popular to this day, but I do not think that he has ever reached the same heights he has since “Long Black Train.” I would say, however, that he has kept a consistently solid career as a country artist, mainly for the reason that he has not fully delved into what country music has become since around 2009, though I honestly have no recollection of his music from about 2010 to about 2015.

The album’s title track and opener perhaps could be the anthem for the Deep South. I really enjoyed this track because it references country throughout the ages and really expresses pride in the region. Though, I am not from the Deep South, I can still relate because, while I do not fully invest myself in many of these activities, I am from Tennessee and can be very enjoyable. “All About You” is probably one of the only tracks on this album that might stray a little bit into what modern country music is, but I still find it to be a very enjoyable and headnodic song. “Hometown Girl,” the album’s second single, is perhaps the album’s best song because it showcases Turner’s smooth and deep baritone voice quite well.

“Where the Girls Are” is very fun and upbeat song that is well put-together. It is definitely a track that can be played when people want to have a good time. “Wonder” is one of the better ballads of the album that has some crossover appeal if released as a single. “Lay Low,” the album’s first single that was released nearly three full years ago, is a nice song about the narrator wanting to go somewhere private with their love interest and just “lay low.” This is another track that could have some crossover appeal.

Overall, this album has proved to be very solid for Josh Turner and has some very catchy and enjoyable tracks. So I give this album an 83 / B-.

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