Quelle Chris: Being You is Great, I Wish I Could be You More Often – Review | Cross Examinations

Release Date: February 10, 2017
Label: Mello Music Group
Genres: Alternative Hip Hop / Left Field Hip Hop / Midwest Hip Hop / Underground Hip Hop

This was my introduction to Quelle Chris, and I have to say I am glad that it was this album that got me into him because this album is amazing. Admittedly, I was a bit hesitant to listen to this album all the way through because I heard that Quelle was a little bit unconventional with his flow, instrumentation, and production. But once I heard “Buddies,” I knew that this album was going to be something special for me. I even tweeted a video of this song with the lyrics “I fucks with myself, might bring myself some flowers, I’m in love with myself” and Quelle Chris actually retweeted it. Needless to say, I was quite ecstatic.

Quelle Chris is very introspective within this album, which is one of the biggest reason why I really enjoyed this album. His flow is so odd that it can almost be considered almost spoken word. The instrumentation and production, which is done almost exclusively by Quelle Chris himself, is so underground that it might sound off to the mainstream ear.

I would have to say that the ninth track “The Prestige” is perhaps the track that impressed me the most. It contains a featured verse by veteran rapper Jean Grae, of whom I haven’t really listened to in the past, but this one feature really has me interested. The sixteenth track “Don’t Get Changed” also features one of my favorite rappers: Elzhi, whose Lead Poison made my top ten hip hop releases last year. I honestly think that the track was very sub-par but was really saved by Elzhi’s verse.

Track eleven, “I’m That Ni#%a,” is another track that is really enjoyable. It has some very humorous bits where an old fan that claims he knows Quelle Chris personally in which he continues to ask “Who are you?” In between these bits, Quelle is rapping some lyrics that are very autobiographical and introspective.

I would have to say that the last five actual tracks of the album are not as high in my opinion as the first ten. They are still very good though, as they still showcase Quelle Chris’s unconventional flow.

Overall, I really enjoyed this album. It is perhaps my favorite hip hop album so far in 2017. It really connected with me on a personal, and an almost intellectual, level. It has a very good chance of being placed fairly high on my end of the year top ten hip hop releases list.

Favorite tracks include: “Buddies,” “Fascinating Grass,” “Calm Before,” “The Prestige,” “The Dreamer in the Den of Wolves,” and “I’m That Ni#%a.”
Least favorite tracks include: Honestly, none of them.

Overall, I give this album an 89 / B+ for its new strange but ultimately effective and enjoyable production, its ability to make me think, and the awesome featured rappers.

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