Hi, Everybody

Music is a platform with no textbook template. Do with it what you will.

As of January 1, 2017, I decided to turn this blog, where I had two posts of a poem and an essay of the 2016 election, into a music blog. Here, I will critique music to the best of my ability. As of June 1, 2017, I will not provide my usual number / letter grade that I had been using for six months.

Honestly, if I had a great camera, a nice editing software, and my life together, I would probably just do this on YouTube. But sadly, I have none of these three, so for now, I will have to make due with this. Hopefully, with this blog, I will influence someone to listen to at least one album or song I mention. Because there is nothing more rewarding that seeing someone like an album, artist, or a song that you have recommended to them.

Also, when reading the post within this blog, you will not find an album I mention that I will entirely hate. I might hate some aspect, or aspects, about an album, but overall, I really enjoy it. Music should be a fun experience, and I don’t think that razzing, even jokingly, on an album should be the thing for me.

So, I hope to meet some new people and make some friends doing this.

Thank you for existing,

Austin Cross


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